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Corded Window Coverings Regulations

Effective April 30th, 2022

Health CanadaCorded Window Regulations SOR/2019-97

LINK to regulations HERE 
(Link will take you to Government of Canada – Justice Laws Website – Canada Consumer Product Safety Act)

ALL CORDED WINDOW COVERINGS are affected by this regulation (Law)

Window Blind Cords, whether single pull cords or looped cords can not be longer than 22 centimeter (Approx 8 inches) when operated.


♦ 1/2 inch 1 inch and 2 inch Aluminum mini blinds
♦ 2 inch & 2 1/2 inch Faux & Wood Horizontal Blinds
♦ Chain/Cord operated Roller Shades
♦ Chain/Cord operated Zebra/Banded/HighLight Shades
♦ Chain/Cord operated Sheer Horizontal Shadings (Silhouettes)
♦ ALL Top-Down-Bottom-Up Shades with exposed centre cords
♦ Roman Shades
♦ Chain/Cord operated Vertical Blinds

ANY operating system that requires an EXPOSED cord or chain to raise or lower, tilt or traverse MUST have cords/chains NO LONGER than 22 centimeters.

This Regulation/Law Eliminates 80% of CORDED window coverings available in Canada.


Alternatives to Corded Window Coverings


Zero-Gravity and Cordless Lift Systems are available as an alternative. 

The window covering is operated by raising or lowering the shade by hand to the desired position where it remains until adjusted up or down by hand.


Control your shades with hand or wall remote

Available smart hub controls with smart device or home automation systems.

The shades have a motor built into the headrail with an internal rechargeable battery.


Raise and lower your shades with a wand by either lifting or lowering the wand or with buttons on the wand that raise or lower the shade when depressed.

The shades have a motor built into the headrail with an internal rechargeable battery.


Drapery is not impacted by these regulations.

Shades of Home SPECIALIZES in Custom Drapery and Sheers. 

Our workroom creates beautiful custom window treatments as well as other soft furnishings


Does this effect the Blinds & Shades I have in my home?
The regulation does not impact consumers who have corded window coverings already installed in their home.

We ask consumers to ensure the safety of children & pets by periodically checking to make certain cords & chains on existing blinds in their homes have been secured in a way to prevent access by children and pets.  

Are my existing corded blinds & shades still covered by the manufacturers warranty?
Most corded window blinds have a 5 year warranty against cord breakage.  Replacement/repair is available if the manufacturer has the parts needed   
In some instances the parts needed will not be available for import into Canada to repair the blind. 

Can I motorized my existing blinds?
In most cases, due to the component sizes of your existing blinds, a motor or other operating mechanisms will not fit within the headrail.

Can I buy corded window blinds online?
Canada border agencies will block any attempt to import blinds & shades that do not comply with these regulations.

Can I buy corded window blinds from a retailer in the USA and bring them into Canada?
Canada border agents will confiscate any corded window treatments that do not comply with these regulations. 

How are the regulations enforced?
Retailers have to maintain records of the location and purchaser of blinds & shades for a period of 6 years.  The regulation permits the audit of these sales and installations and the potential to investigate any company and their clients who have been sold products that do not comply with these regulations.  Forfiture of the window coverings of the client and civil penalties to the retailer/manufacturer is one possible outcome.