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Motorized SMART Blinds, Shades & Drapery
Powered by Somfy

Powerful, Quiet, Robust, Stable, Scalable

Somfy Tahoma Automation Motorized Roller Shades

The product knowledge and experience of our staff is key in the recommendation of the right window treatments AND the right  Somfy motorization products and components.  Correct installation is KEY to the proper operation of your shades.  Shades of Home has over 20 years experience recommending, installing, programming and servicing the full range of Somfy motorization products.


Along with our staff of designers & installers we offer a seamless end-to-end experience from initial consultation, product selection and installation motorized window treatments. 

Over the past 25+ years Shades of Home has installed  Somfy motorized shades & drapery in over 1,800 homes throughout the GTA from single shades to whole-home solutions.

We work with Designers and Builders across the GTA who value our professionalism and personal touch which we bring to every project.


Many manufacturers of window treatments lock you into their own motorization & automation components and only offer their own selection of window treatments, cassettes, fascias & fabrics.  This ultimately means you lose the flexibility to alter, change, add or upgrade your automation components unless it is provided by that manufacturer.  Most importantly, you lose the flexibility of choosing from the wide variety of window treatments in the marketplace. 

Considering that, your choice of window treatments is your first step and motorized and integrating them into a home automation system is second, choosing the right window treatments is the right first step.

With SOMFY you have flexibility to automate all your window treatments leaving you free to choose from thousands of products, fabrics, colours and textures.

Power Your Shades with SOMFY

After selecting your window treatments we’ll power them with the appropriate Somfy motorization & automation components.  Even if you select from a variety of different window treatment manufacturers, once they are powered by Somfy they all operate seamlessly with existing remotes, APPS and Smart Hub.

Adding an addition shade?  Motorizing an existing shade?  Adding Somfy  motorization to an existing or additional shade and adding it to your Smart Devices is easy.

Future Proof

Technology is constantly changing and evolving.  Somfy continually upgrades its systems to work with new  technologies.  Who knew that that one day you would be able to open your blinds by simply talking to Alexa, Google Home or through a number of other smart devices. Apps are taking over from stand-alone home automation systems.  We are in a plug-and-play environment where either modules or APPS can be added to a system as the client’s needs and expectations grow.  How many hi-tech products are now resting an a landfill somewhere, some that you bought yourself.


Suppliers of proprietary systems can’t take a newly developed APP and integrate it into their system without substantial cost or technical knowledge.  Developers don’t create APP’s for each any every AV platform.  They produce APP’s that work across all the most popular smart consumer devices.  Integrating into Home Automation Systems can involve a software upgrade or may require additional components.  Adding components and additional software to a system that is not built to work with ‘outside’ components can leave you with an unstable system across your entire operating system or the inability to add additional products. Somfy sees a the future where consumers have the ability to add, subtract and change their needs as technology changes.  An open-source system is Somfy’s strong point.

Invest in a system that gives you flexibility.

Somfy Highlights

  • Motorized shading motors; battery, low and line voltage, RF, RS232, IQ485, Zigbee, Z-Wave
  • Most power options; battery, solar, transformers & line voltage
  • Most torque range from 1Nm to 100 Nm (12-500lbs lifting capacity)
  • Strongest quietest motors on market
  • Automated roller-shade systems; Intelligent motors, RTS – Radio Series Motors, SDN – Somfy Digital Network & Animeo IP systems
  • Controls; remotes, wall switches, timers, sun & wind sensors, smart phones & tablets, all home automation and sophisticated building management systems
  • Applications; Roller shades, Cellular, Pleated & Woven Wood shades, Awnings, Zipper shades, Security Shutters
  • Intelligent motors, SDN & Animeo IP systems

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Make the switch to motorized window treatments with the solutions from our local store. Whether you shop for blinds, shades, or another option, you will find something to fit your space when you visit us. We are available to perform wiring consultations to help you perfect your setup.

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