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Automated Smart Shades
Automated Smart Shades Condominium

Prices start as low as $447.50 Regular Price: $895.00

Size: 36″ x 48″
Fabric: Blackout
Motorization: Lithium-Ion internal rechargeable motor
Control: 15 channel remote
Open Roll colour co-ordinated bracket covers

Available options:
Wifi Hub (free with the purchase of 5+ shades)

We are proud to offer MADE IN CANADA Blinds, Shades and Custom Window Treatments.

Since 1985 we’ve been offering complete end-to-end solutions INCLUDING design consultations, on-site measuring services, professional installations, integrating and service.

We know you want 2 things:  The best quality + the best price. 

We provide that everyday.


The Benefits of Smart Shades Today’s smart-home technology is evolving quickly, with smart control available for everything from door locks and lights to refrigerators and shades. Yes, shades. Why even consider smart window shades for your home? Think about these benefits: they’ll add convenience to your day to day, while enhancing security and privacy, adding energy efficiency, and protecting furniture and flooring from harsh UV rays. Plus, they’re cordless, making them a safer option than shades with exposed cords, if you have small children or pets.

Somfy Tahoma Automation Motorized Roller Shades

SMART Motorized & Automated Roller Shades from the experts at Shades of Home
We SPECIALIZE in Hardwired & Rechargeable Window Treatments.

Serving: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington & surrounding area

Our Home Automation experts can help you choose exactly the right motorized shading system and Window Covering style for your home as well providing the attentive and precise installation services we’re best known for.

At Shades of Home we offer multiple Motorization & Home Automation products and solutions for your home, condo & business. Our 35 years experience in the Home Automation and Motorization puts us in the unique position of being able to offer the best solution for any project, big or small with thousands of existing installations under our belt spanning over 35 years.
We offer stable and cost effective solutions that grow with you when you decide to add additional home automation products such as sound, lighting, security, cameras to your home.

We offer solutions for:

  • Small windows as small as 15″
  • Large shades up to 156″ wide
  • Shades as high as 170″
  • 12 vdc low voltage (battery wand)
  • Rechargeable motors (no batteries)
  • Battery/solar panel recharge systems
  • 24 vdc low voltage
  • 110/120 VAC Line voltage powerful motors

All these solutions can be added to most window treatments from roller shades to drapery.

Experience counts. We will recommend solutions that are stable, powerful and expandable. We have technicians, designers, installers with over 25 years experience

Choosing the right window coverings is your first step in order to determine the motorization options and our designers are here to help.

We are known for the high level of service we provide our clients – from first contact to years after. Known for offering a High Level of Service to our clients Everyday

From recommending, check-measure and installation, our factory trained technicians instal perfectly and back up our installations with a 1 year installation guarantee.

Blinds+ Shading System Highlights

Motorization options are changing rapidly as is our offerings, staying ahead of the technology curve to offer our clients multiple solutions.

  • Powerful motors
  • High & low voltage motorization options
  • Rechargeable motors (12-18 months between recharging)
  • Stable operating systems
  • Reliable
  • Expandable
  • Scalable
  • Quiet
  • Inconspicuous
  • Easy interfaces

12 Volt motors are efficient, low cost yet offer the same integration options as more expensive line voltage systems and smart motors.

The benefit of these motors the ability to install shades in existing and post-construction windows where no wiring is available to provide power to the shade. The power for these shades can be as simple as a battery wand or a rechargeable internal battery with or without a solar panel or 12v plug-in transformer. For new construction, windows can be pre-wired with low voltage wiring that terminates in a central location and connected to a power distribution panel eliminating batteries, solar panels or the need to recharge.

Somfy 12 Volt Sonesse 30 Rechargeable speed adjustable motor offers the same power as a standard 120VAC basic motor with a charge that lasts 18 months. This provides enough power to raise and lower a shade to cover Example: patio door (72″ x 86″). The motor incorporates a Lithium Ion battery internally eliminating all wires and external power sources.

All 12 vdc powered shades work with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Control4 and others with the installation of a smart hub+app

24 Volt DC low voltage motors offer the same range of power as many 120 Volt or Line Voltage motors without the need to run line voltage to the windows.

Somfy Sonesse Ultra 50 24Vdc Speed Adjustable RTS Motors are the QUIETEST and STRONGEST motors available in the low voltage line.

Simple low voltage wiring is all that’s required to provide power. Single shades can be powered with a wall transformer, multiple shades with a desk-top transformer and for new home or renovated spaces wiring can be run to a central location, connected to a power distribution panel.

With the speed adjustable setting all the shades can be set to raise and lower at the same speed, set a ‘favorite position’ or, when connected to the MyLink and integrated into IFTT the shades can be moved automatically, timed to raise at sunrise and lower at sunset.

For more flexibility and control – a Telis sun sensor detects sun+heat and raises and lowers your shades throughout the day following the movements of the sun.

And with the MyLink+App you can control all your Somfy products from your smart devices or integrate into any home automation system INCLUDING Google Home and Amazon Echo.

120 Volt or Line Voltage (household current) allows you to motorize large shades or multiple shades that are ‘linked’ operating together with using one motor.

Somfy Sonesse Ultra 50 120VAC RTS Motors are the QUIETEST and STRONGEST motors available in the market.

There are very few restrictions on size and a single shade can be installed as large as 156″ wide x 120″ high or 120″ wide x 156″ high. We have installations of 5 linked shades spanning 50 feet with only one Sonesse 50.
These shades need to be ‘hard-wired’ into the home although they can also be ‘plugged into’ a wall receptacle with the wiring hidden by our installers.

Other less expensive 120volt motors are available to suit clients budgets and shade requirements.

We recommend SOMFY motors for large projects. Every motorized product within the Somfy communicates using the same RTS language. Whether you have a motorized roman shade, awning, or combination of small and large roller shades, they can all be operating from the same remote the same app and Google Home and Amazon Echo.

E-Motion is a family of 12 volt motors that offers extreme reliability and strength for their size and cost.

These are supplied with either:
1) Battery wand (8 AA batteries) or Plug-in 12V wall transformer
2) Internal Rechargeable Battery with Plug-In recharger
3) Optional solar battery trickle charger eliminating the need to recharge or replace batteries.

Capable of lifting a shade @25rpm of 72″ x 72″

Control options are a 5 channel remote or E-Motion Smart Hub & NEO App for smart phone control and works with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Control4 and others.

The Hunter Douglas PowerView system offers the features of a ‘Smart Digital Network’ within their basic PowerView system. PowerView shades can be operated with your pebble remote, the PowerView app with Hub and Alexa Echo, Google home and Control4 + others.

Basic powered/motorized shades operate with an either up-stop-down controls with no feedback to the controllers telling it ‘where am I’. The Hunter Douglas PowerView system ‘talks’ to the app telling it where it is ‘visually’. In other words the visual representation of the shade on the app directly reflects where the shade is positioned in the real world. And when you position the shade on your app, the shade will arrive at that location without any further intervention. No guess work – no need to run upstairs to see if the shade is open or closed..

Do the batteries need to be replaced? The app will tell you the battery level in each of your shades.

Hunter Douglas Powerview can be integrated into all home automation system systems through the PowerView Hub.

Somfy, E-Motion, NEO all work with Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit technology provides an easy, secure way to control HomeKit-enabled accessories using the Apple Home app and Siri on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, or Mac



Just like the Amazon Alexa, you can control your smart devices in home with your Google Home and the available smart hub.

Raise or lower your shades, dim the lights, select your music and enjoy the benefits of a smart home without the high cost of home integration systems.

Take a tour of the google videos and see what you can do, how easy it is to integrate home automation into your life, your home and your shades.

Shades of Home is a leader in providing smart home solutions with over 25 years experience installing, programming and servicing a variety of motorized window treatments. Our experienced installation and technical staff can help put together a solution that everyone in the family can use without the need of a PHD in electronics.

All the motorization solutions offered through Shades of Home can be operated using your Amazon Echo with the addition of the manufacturers Smart Hub.

You’ll have the option of controlling your shades using your voice while still having the choice of using your remote control or operate your shades with your smart devices. You never loose functionality, you only add to it.

Simple integration with on line instructions and upgradable firmware allows your system to change with whatever new technology you introduce into your home.

And if you’re adding to your collection of smart shades, they are easy to add and control with all three control options.

Technology changes rapidly with new operating systems & new apps. And as you add Smart Things to your home you may decide you want to integrate them with one of these new apps or integrate them into a new home automation system.

All of our Smart Shades are future ready, for when you are. When technology changes you don’t have to change your smart shades. We have the technology that will allow you to integrate with most of the apps in the market today + what may be around the corner tomorrow.

We stay on top of changes so you don’t have to.

We offer many systems that are easy to integrate with the Lutron system.  

Benefits of a system that works with Lutron is the ability to have access to a greater number of window treatment fabrics, colours and products that all work seamlessly into you home automation system.

The following motorization components work with Control4

Hunter Douglas Powerview & Powerview+
SunGlow SG motors
EliteWF E-Motion

The following motorization components work with SAVANT

Hunter Douglas Powerview & Powerview+
SunGlow SG motors
EliteWF E-Motion

The following motorization components work with Crestron

Hunter Douglas Powerview & Powerview+
SunGlow SG motors
EliteWF E-Motion

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Automated Smart Shades by Somfy

What Our Clients Say

"Shades of Home was incredibly wonderful to work with. In addition to being punctual, dependable and pleasant, they are honest, knowledgeable and handle any issues that arise professionally and fairly. We have an irregular shaped window, which required much research and discussion. Marie at Shades of Home came up with a wonderful solution and was able to provide us with motorized shades. Other companies I interviewed said they could not put shades on this window. I highly recommend Shades of Home and would use them again."

"I was originally introduced to Steve & Raj when he repaired my previous house’s blind system. When it came to building my new house, I decided to reach out to him. He represents the best company I’ve ever dealt with when it comes to home shades. He did a Somfy powered shade system and a full set of Hunter Douglas plantation shutters for the remainder of the house. It came out incredible. I also solicited other quotes from different vendors. Not only was he the best price, he also was always on-time, personable and provided expert opinions. I will always reach out to him first for any future work and will refer him anyone looking for help."
"I had the pleasure of having Marie do the shadings in my home. Her knowledge of the products available and how best to integrate them into existing interior design was extraordinary! More importantly, I was most impressed with her patience, work ethic, amicable demeanor and her OCD (I hope she doesn’t mind my saying!) I couldn’t recommend Marie and Shades of Home more highly. I intend to use her for my future needs and have referred her to many of my friends."

Call to arrange an In-Home Consultation with one of our Local Designers.

Complimentary In-Home Consultation ($250 value) is included free of charge with any purchase over $1000