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Double Roller Shades / Two-in-One Double Roller Shades

Sleep Well with Dual Roller Shades in Bedrooms & Keep the heat out in Sunny Locations

This style of double roller shades is a perfect solution for private rooms where light AND complete blackout* is needed.


Daytime privacy, reduced heat & UV with BLACKOUT* in the evenings


3%, 5% or 10% Sunscreen roller shades along with a 100% blackout* fabric for the second shade.


During the daylight hours you reduce UV and heat gain, allowing a view of the outside WITHOUT prying eyes seeing inside.
When you need blackout* OR heat-gain control from sunlight all you have to do is lower the rear blackout shade


Both front and rear shades operate independently giving you complete flexibilty for your privacy and light control.


We recomment cordless lift or smart remote control motorization.  Either way both front and rear shades operate independently.

Note: There will be a 1/2″ – 3/4″ gap between the blackout roller shade fabric and the window frame.  It’s recommended you inquire about side channels or blackout drapery panels to elliminate as much light intrusion as possible.

Elegant Dual Roller Shades for Semi-Private Living Spaces & Private Spaces such as Bathrooms, Living & Dining Rooms

Dual Sunscreen Roller Shades

You have a bedroom.  You want LIGHT and PRIVACY during the day and BLACKOUT for the evening.


A double roller shade offer that.  A combination of fabrics available for the front room facing roller shade along with an assortment of functional or decorative blackout fabrics for the rear shade.

Many times a client chooses a 10% sunscreen-style fabric for the front fabric.  This fabric ensures complete privacy during the day and an almost clear view to the outside without curious neighbors seeing in.

Get dressed in the natural lght without worrying about you privacy.  See what type of day it is before you start your day.  All in all a perfect solution for any rooms that require privacy, visibility and the ability to have 100% privacy as well as blackout.

Shades of Home offers these shades from our family of selected manufactures, all Made in Canada.  

As always, our designers and window covering specialists will show and recommend the best solution that fits your space, style and colours.

Roller shades are classic window coverings that have remained popular for many years due to their timeless style and simplicity. They are highly effective at blocking light & protecting privacy. Roller shades are easy to clean, budget friendly and incorporate into virtually any room in your home, regardless of its color scheme or style. Roller shades when raised have a minimal profile and can be hidden in a recessed ceiling pocket or valance.

Roller shades add color, style and texture to any room easily and are very economical. With a wide array of colors, patterns, styles and features, roller shades can fit your needs perfectly. Fabrics range from decorative, screens to blackout, depending on how much style, privacy and light control you need and want – semi-opaque fabrics offer a good combination of both. Roller shades “roll up” onto a tube, and are operated with a cord loop, a cordless spring system, or even by remote control, and are available with personalized features like a cassette valance or a decorative bottom hem.

Know the difference:

Screen Shades

Prevent damaging UV rays from entering your home while still preserving your view with energy saving Screen Shades. These functional, sun-blocking shades will shield you from distracting glare and are a perfect choice for media rooms and coastal homes. While they won’t provide complete privacy at night, solar shades are available in several screen openness factors, ranging from 1% to 15%, letting you choose exactly how much light you’d like to let through your windows. The smaller the number, the less “open” the sun shade is. For maximum view-through, choose a higher openness number. For greater light blocking, consider a smaller openness number.

Blackout Roller Shade  

A blackout shade is a type of window treatment made from an opaque fabric that is used to eliminate light in a room. They’re commonly found in hotel rooms, offices, and schools but are also an ideal choice for bedrooms and nurseries. If you’re interested in adding blackout shades to your home, this will explain the types of blackout shades available, their advantages over other window treatments, how to use them, and whether they’re the right option for you.

While sometimes used interchangeably to mean the same thing, blackout shades are not the same as room-darkening shades. Room-darkening shades reduce approximately 80-90 percent of light that enters a room. On the other hand, blackout styles can eliminate brightness by up to 100 percent in some cases when used with side channels. They may not make your space pitch black, but they will effectively darken it at any time of day.

Room Darkening 

Most window treatments provide some level of light control and privacy. However, blackout shades are specifically designed to block all light from entering a room. Studies show that exposure to light while sleeping dramatically affects one’s quality of sleep. For people who work the night shift—such as nurses, police officers, and firefighters—blackout shades are a game changer. They’re also useful in nurseries to help keep babies asleep during nap time and bedtime.

Room-darkening shades and blackout shades are often confused for being the same thing. While they’re similar in the fact that they prevent light from entering a room, there is still a slight difference between the two. We’ve already mentioned that blackout shades are designed to eliminate light, while room-darkening shades reduce the amount of light coming into a room, making it darker but not pitch-black.

Decorative Fabrics:

Decorative Fabric Roller Shades are a fabulous way to combine the traditional operation and clean look of a roller shade with the breadth and depth of beauty offered in decorative fabrics. We offer a variety of fabrics from a variety of vendors, including solid textures, embroideries, jacquards, prints, linens, silks, and more, so your designer expression is limited only by your imagination. The shades are available either inside or outside mounted and have multiple valance options available. They look fantastic layered with valances, side panels and draperies.

Choose from a huge selection of Decorative, Sunscreen, Translucent, Semi-Private and Blackout Roller Shade Fabrics.

Shades of Home is an authorized dealer for Hunter Douglas, SunGlow, MaxXmar, EliteWF and others

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