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Bedroom Blinds & Shades

The blinds and shades you choose for the bedrooms are the most important blinds and shades in your home.  They keep the sun and city lights out so you can sleep soundly on a weekend morning and get that precious nights sleep on weeknights all the while maintaining your privacy.

A good nights rest is key to your health and the health and restfulness of the rest of your family. Your choice of window coverings from Shades of Home for your bedroom will guarantee a good night’s sleep.


Tip: Close your blinds, shades or drapery during the daytime to keep your bedroom from heating up from solar gain during the day – saving energy and increasing your comfort when you tuck yourself in for the night.


Choose from Horizontal Blinds, Honeycomb Shades, Blackout Roller Shades, Blackout Lined Drapery, Curtains, Roman Shades just to name a few of the available window treatment options for your bedroom.